Metal Labels Manufacturer

Bashyam’s metal labels are manufactured exotic metal labels that contain important information starting from the bold text to schematics followed by barcode data. We are the top most metal labels manufacturer have very much expertise in producing metal labels, using different kinds of materials likes stainless steel, brass, and aluminium. Based on our customer wish, we are ready to offer specialized metals if an exact specification provided for us.

The three important materials used by us for manufacturing metal labels are :

1.Aluminium labels

2.Brass labels

3.Stainless Steel labels

One of the main highlighting processes that are carried out in our metal label is finishing techniques which include polishing, graining, etching and anodizing. Based on your requirement we provide you with any laser cutting, engraving and piercing process on the metal labels. All of our metal labels are wholly unique and significantly made for you. To meet your needs we have a list of colors that will match your current needs. We are happy to offer samples for the items you require.

The peculiar specification may be added to the metal labels such as :

Individual marking
Serial numbering
Removable plastic film to protect the surface of the plate from hazardous factors
Roll form Labels

Why Choose Bashyam’s Metal Labels?

     Size, thickness, information on the metal labels can be customized as per your requirements.

     Offers eminent resistance to abrasion, corrosion, temperature, and solvents.

     Color selections are low resistant to UV.

     High work adhesive or holes for mechanical attachment.

     Applicable for variable and constant data.

     Isopropyl alcohol is used as wipes clean.

     High readable surface printed graphics.

Features of Metal Labels

     Remarkable resistance to UV, chemicals and environmental conditions.

     Little maintenance is required for permanent readability.

     Provides durability for long years.

     Easily attached to the jerky and irregular surface.

     Heat resistance is high.