Metalized Polyester Stickers Manufacturer

We are one of the leading polyester sticker manufacturer in Chennai, as we produce custom polyester stickers that will surely fit your custom application. Polyester stickers are highly recommended, because of its versatility nature, it is used in window decals, nameplates, faceplates, etc. Polyester basically comes under the category of polymers that exists in an ester functional group and referred to as Polyethylene terephthalate. We provide you the durable and attractive stickers of all colors that are crafted from polyester. Our stickers are stamped on to the allocated places that can tolerate extreme temperature and has high tensile strength.There are various type of polyester sticker manufactured here.

Metalized Polyester Sticker

Bashyam’s Metalized polyester UID sticker possess flexible, resistant to abrasion, durable and tremendous material for outdoor use as it withstand maximum temperatures. It has a mirror like finished that looks similar to stainless steel. It is mainly used in air conditioner and fleet marking.

Key Benefits

  • Polyimide material is used in thermal transfer printing.
  • Good resistant to chemical and weather conditions.
  • Excellent adhesion possess to any surface material.
  • Available in all label sized dimensions.

Magnificent Characteristics of Polyester Stickers

Top weatherproof products are available in Bashyam Graphics as we offer you cut single stickers and peel liner with the fade-resistant UV ink enables the stickers readable for long years. The supreme quality of polyester generally creates smudge resistant products that avoids tears and slit. Polyester is not affected by any of the factors like moisture, humid and it is basically impermeable and the base materials appear clear and white.

Features that include are :
  • Solvent and chemical resistant
  • Maximum temperature resistance
  • Abrasion
  • Less reflectance for serialization and barcoding
  • Image accuracy is high and well color clarity

Advantages of using Polyester Stickers

We provide you with the custom based stickers that are used for harsh surface and industrial environments. Polyester fall of from flames and it is self-extinguish among ignition. Apart from this it also has high tenacity and acts as low water absorber. All polyester stickers are customized to suit our consumers with the most exact specification.

Various advantages of polyester stickers are listed below :
  • Best resistance to oils and solvents
  • Simple for printing and UV curing
  • Thermal stability for low and high temperature
  • Tensile strength is high
  • Powerful tear and abrasion resistance

Manufacturing techniques of polyester

  • 1.Polymerization
  •   Polymerization is an important process that is carried out at high temperature and occurred in a closed vacuum. The monomer is converted into the final product which is called    Terephthalate or polyester.

  • 2.Melt spinning
  •   In this step, the liquid that is in the form of the thick viscous condition is pumped to melt spinning machines. At each time, the polymer is pumped out per revolution and then immediately cooled out with the dry air.

  • 3.Polymer drawing and cutting
  •   The obtained fiber is directly fed into hot stretched equipment until they are 5 times increased in their original length and suddenly decrease in width. The fiber is then indulged onto cones or crimped and then slit into staple lengths.