Asset Tag Manufacturer

Bashyam are well-known asset tag manufacturer as they manufacture strong asset tags that are intended to help with resource distinguishing proof, tagging and following. From PCs, office furniture to rental hardware and modern apparatus, we will help you to customize the right design for your application. Our asset tags are highly reliable for the most applications that could handle the harsh chemicals and environments. Our durable asset tags are used for efficient and effective tracking purposes. The asset tags that are provided by us are QR codes, barcodes and serial numbers to manage your asset tracking system.

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The Asset tags that are manufactured by us are an essential resource for elements with physical resources that must be stocked, checked and tracked. With asset tags, the weight of physical record-keeping is definitely decreased, leaving less space for human mistake and boundlessly enhancing the accuracy of your documentation.

Mechanize Inventory Control - Joined with an asset tracking application, asset ID names streamline stressful task of stock administration. With each output, your records are updated and precise that pulls up stock status, plan re-requests and schedule delivery with just one click.

Monitoring Physical Asset - Track your organization's physical resources and assets easily.

Explicit maintenance management - Numerous organisations depend on physical assets for perform services. Computerize your support executives and keep up precise records on fixes, substitution booking and standard maintenance and alignment.

Prevention of Loss - Asset Tags are greatly valuable for preventing theft. Bashyam’s Tamper-Evident Polyester Labels, can rapidly caution stock control administrators that attempt theft and unapproved exchanges.

Applications of Asset Tags

We manufacture asset tags and asset tracking system which follows the framework that fulfill a solitary fundamental need: to monitor your organization's significant property, stock and supplies. Numerous enterprises have remarkable necessities which can be sufficiently met utilizing asset identification tags.

Hospitals - Precise authority over medicinal gear, supplies, medications and other physical resources is the basic to everyday activities in a healthcare association. Utilizing things like Bashyam’s Two-Part Asset Labels, medicinal staff can easily supply and track the usage of medical resources to their patients without much stress.

Educational Training - Educational establishments have a wide assortment of benefits which must be followed and well managed. For instance, A/V hardware can be effortlessly tracked, relegated and controlled utilizing track labels.

Government - Government uses asset tag for everything from checking office gear to keeping up a database of outer resources, for example, road signs, for standard fix, support and future arranging.

Utility - Utility assets are commonly presented to harsh climate conditions, synthetic substances and different materials equipped for wreaking ruin on stress resistant tags. Yet, scanner tag marks have been tried to withstand these conditions, keeping up clarity even after the presentation to most exceedingly worst environment.

Telecom and Cable - The telecom businesses have an across board set of external assets that are responsible for maintain the great working control. Asset identification tags encourage telecom organizations which enhance different productivity issues and empower legitimate upkeep following, simple part re-requesting and substitution.

Manufacturing - Much like the utility business, experts have the test of following asset tags after introduction to brutal conditions. Bashyam’s bar code answers for manufacturing techniques that have been demonstrated and stay practical for the life of the products.