Membrane Keypad Manufacturer

Bashyam graphic is the leading Membrane Keypad manufacturer in Chennai which manufacture the membrane keypad using custom designed keypad to meet the perfect technical requirements of each individual customer’s specific needs. For any sector, we are able to offer an excellent solution by providing our customer total freedom in design. Our Membrane keypads are prominent for giving complete reliability in the hostile of operating environments. We use high-quality materials and trendy production techniques in our manufacturing facility.

We create full production volumes that helps to create reliable product that will be served for our customers at a competitive price with industry-noted customer service.

The Elements That Are Indulged In the Membrane Keypad

To manufacture the best membrane keypad we will use the following elements :

Graphics overlay - It is the outer layer covering the keypad. It is required for both the protection and to gain an attractive look. There are many graphical possibilities that are almost used here. We can provide you the perfect keypads texture such as hard coated, glossy or antiglare. The outer layer can be made up of either polyester or polycarbonate. But we suggest that polyester films are more effective as they persist more flexible and resistant to external factors when compared to polycarbonate. Beside this, polyester also gives the professional outlooks for the certain applications. The outer layer can also possess extra process like creating stamps and print with lacquers.

Circuit Layer - One of the important layer to perform keypad operations is the circuit layer that is a polyester film on which the contact pads and path are printed. A circuit gives the impression of being clicked when it is pressed.

Adhesive Layers - we use double-sided adhesive polyester films that are coated with the layer of acrylic adhesive. This layer is mainly useful for gluing different types of films and circuits together, then for the enclosure of keypad and supports mounting of the plates.

Metal Domes - Specifically formed metal elements that are fully mounted into a silver circuit. By pressing the key “click” they cause short-circuit and perform the given key functions.

Important Features of Membrane Keypad
  • Huge variety of polycarbonate and polyester finishes
  • It is suitable for harsh conditions
  • UV resistant material
  • Anti-microbial equipment
  • Backlighting
  • Incorporated with flexible circuits
  • Embossing options available in keyboard
  • Mimic keyboards
  • Digital printing for high end graphic overlays
  • Metal/ FRP Base Plates
  • IP protection
  • Non-tactile membrane switches
  • Customized Front Overlays
  • Epoxy and UV coated keys
  • Standard membrane keypad connectors

Benefits of Membrane Keypad

The main advantage of using membrane keypads are smaller and compact when compared to the mechanical keyboards. Because of their slim design, they are used for many applications. While using membrane keypads, it actually produces little noise when compared to other keyboards. Besides this membrane keypads significantly have a longer lifetime.

  • Greater flexibility
  • Better water and chemical resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Extra protection against oxidation

Applications of membrane keypads

  • LEDs
  • Light Guide Film
  • Fibre Optics
  • Electroluminescence

Quality and Testing

Each and every product are tested and inspected individually. We strive to satisfy your requirement by monitoring and documenting all products in every step of fabrication.