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Bashyam Graphic as the most astounding metal stickers manufacturer in Chennai, offers you the top quality metal stickers that are having high durability, security, and readability throughout life. Select the metal stickers from the wide range of materials that includes brass, aluminium, stainless steel and plated alloys. Metal stickers are the major component of an asset tracking system which helps the organizations to meticulously record and monitor portable assets as they explore vastly. Besides this metal stickers are a valuable loss prevention tool because it allows the management to keep tightened control over resources that are hardly in the identical location and to avert theft of most valuable assets.

Metal Stickers – The Asset Tracking Tool

Metal stickers are an incredible solution for tracking the resources because the instructions on the barcode themselves remain readable for the life of asset on which you observe them. This insures that the organizations are able to use their metal stickers and asset tracking systems to decrease the number of manpower needed for inventory management. Metal stickers used in asset tracking which mechanize the process of calculating assets and monitoring them throughout their lifetime. By using barcodes on metal stickers, organizations are ready to transmit assets to the known locations from one department to another or constantly record the assets throughout multiple areas.

Metal Stickers Features

Custom metal stickers are ideal because they can be used on high-temperature.
Metal stickers that inherits pressure-sensitive adhesive, permanently bond to surfaces, so they are not likely to come out of the asset for many years.
Metal stickers are durable, flexible solution that stays in place over time.
Different settings and applications that prevents deliberate elimination of labels for theft or unauthorized resources.

Benefits of metal stickers

Metal stickers have significant benefits of managing critical resources.
Organizations go for metal stickers, as they improve efficiency and results in the reduction of costs.
Metal stickers implement durable construction, as they are manufactured using anodized aluminium and sealed their pictures in a protective layer that assure readability for long time.
Metal stickers vitally provide scannable barcodes, to facilitate a precise inventory count that leads to an effective flow of products throughout the management.
Metal stickers, files specific things like reporting and monitoring the history of resource, so that assets are persist in working order.


Our custom metal stickers can be used for certain applications like

     Design your logo,

     Mount your company name and symbol.

     Corporate identity

     Rating plates

     Instructional tags