Rubber Gasket with Adhesive Manufacturer

We are designing and supplying the rubber gasket that is used to hang the things or attach any items or hang the pipes without causing any breakage. The main uses of the rubber with adhesive are, it is used to stick the hanger or materials that can’t use the nails for hanging purposes that are manufactured using high-quality materials which can be used for a long period of time. Further, we are providing rubber with adhesive with best quality and highly effective array. These types of adhesives are primarily a single component of volatile dry adhesive which are used to provide long stickiness. Our offered Rubber Adhesive find their extensive usage in bonding furniture, fiber boards, construction material, furniture, flooring, Linoleum and rubber to wood.

Materials for Rubber Support

The materials that are required to make the rubber support are blended neoprene, polyethylene, and polyurethane foam or fabric adhesives. Our experts are ready to help you to find the perfect material to meet your needs and requirements.

How Rubber Support is manufactured?

We usually manufacture the rubber in the following ways: Rubber is of two types that are natural and synthetic. It undergoes four process steps that are Compounding, mixing, shaping and vulcanizing.

Compounding - Compounding is nothing, but adding chemicals and other additional compounds to manufacture rubber for customer usage. These chemicals undergo a chemical reaction with the rubber to get stabilized rubber polymers. This process mainly increases the characteristics of rubber that extend the rubber to a certain length, so that it leads to a reduction in cost.

Mixing - The above-added chemicals have to be mixed successfully, results in the production of high viscosity rubber that makes mixing very difficult without increasing the temperature possess to vulcanization. So the substance has to be kept in the high temperature to decrease its tightened nature. During this, some substances are added including carbon black to the rubber and it is termed as a masterbatch.

Shaping - Rubber products are generally shaped by using four techniques they are extrusion, calendaring, molding, and casting. Depending on the customer requirement more than one shaping techniques can be used to get the desired final product with the absolute shape.

Vulcanization - The final process is the vulcanization that completes the overall rubber-production technique. Vulcanization creates the cross-connectivity between the rubber polymers and some additional process may be taken, regarding the final rubber product.

Features of rubber with adhesive

  • Tolerate heavy vibration
  • Protects and prevents corrosion
  • Quality performance
  • Prevents sagging

Applications of rubber with adhesive

  • Food Packaging
  • Marine Industry
  • Automotive
  • Construction