Polycarbonate Sticker Manufacturers

Bashyam Graphic in chennai, provides you with a wide collection of best quality polycarbonate stickers at an affordable rate. As a polycarbonate sticker manufacturers in Chennai, India, we primarily supply these materials for sticking it on electric instruments or machines. The powerful adhesion of the sticker won’t come off from the attached surface for a long period of time. This sticker is strong tear-resistant and offers the stability that is optimal in all the challenging environmental conditions. It is tremendously capable of holding off temperature deviation as it is termed as heat resistant. The graphics stamped on this sticker provides an attractive outlook to the machines or pieces of equipment. Polycarbonate stickers can withstand harsh conditions and elements so it can definitely last for a much longer time and ensure timely delivery of the product.Polycarbonate stickers from Bashyam have gained popularity in a wide range of manufacturing units all over the world because we have exceptional creative artists.

Why Choose Us?

We are captivated in giving an absolute range of polycarbonate stickers in various colors and sizes which gives identification and product clarity. We manufacture these polycarbonate stickers from quality authorized raw materials that are presented with different quality standards. Our stickers can be used on a diverse type of surfaces due to its outstanding adhesive nature which are vastly used in several industries. We offer polycarbonate labels in a wide range of thicknesses and a unique set of colors, particularly silver and gold tones and we always make sure to follow standard safety protocols while manufacturing. At Bashyam we manufacture Polycarbonate stickers from high-quality raw materials as it will undergo large plastic deformations without cracking or breaking. We are the best name plates and stickers manufacturer in chennai, With firm commitment to customer’s requirements and specifications.

Polycarbonate Sticker Usage

Polycarbonate Sticker are optimally manufactured from high-quality raw materials using extensive techniques. It is available in huge variety of surface textures and can be easily embossed.

They can be indulged on home appliances products like :

  • Refrigerators
  • Pressure cookers
  • Washing machine

Some other applications include

  • Name plates
  • Control panel overlay
  • Keypad label membrane

Exotic Features of Polycarbonate Sticker

Polycarbonate generally referred as high-performance materials that are available in various thicknesses. These stickers are popular for their thermal and physical properties and remain identical even after false handling. As it is versatile and flexible in nature that lead to the usage in various industries for establishing promotions, these polycarbonate stickers are largely preferred by our clients for its vibrant and long-lasting color.

Here are some of the notable features

  • Very easy to stick
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Highly tear-resistant
  • Completely visible even from the far place
  • Thermal property is high as it ensures greater flexibility and adaptability.
  • High adhesive
  • Available in lively colors as it appears stylish and enticing.
As the polycarbonate sticker can be customized on screen or digitally printed based on your specifications. We largely produce polycarbonate sticker in different kinds of shapes, thicknesses, and sizes to fit your exact specifications.

Bashyam Graphic Technologies Pvt Ltd in Chennai, is engaged in providing our clients a wide range of Polycarbonate Stickers, which gives identification and clarity to products they are applied on. Our Polycarbonate Stickers have exceptional features like, High adhesive, Anti-Chemical, Great flexibility, Lightweight and Waterproof. We have sound support of resources including skilful designers and printing professionals and creative designers to develop designs as per latest market trend, packaging experts to ensure safe and well packaged delivery which makes us the leading manufacturers in chennai.