Dome Sticker & Label Manufacturer

As one of the top dome sticker and dome label manufacturers in chennai with 40 years expertise in the nameplate, sticker industry, we offer you the basic and financially affordable stickers to make your organization logo or fly out. Domed logos are utilized in shopper items, vehicles, shows and anyplace else where an attractive eye-catching design is required. The materials used in manufacturing dome labels are long-lasting, keeping their color vibrancy for a very long time. We work in assembling customary shapes, additional shapes and individual letter domed marks. We are a specialist in the market as one of the unambiguous Manufacturer and Supplier of a restrictive scope of Labels and Stickers. We have been effectively taking into account the necessities for globally available customers. The variety offered by us incorporates the PU Dome Labels, Bubble Stickers, Dome Stickers, 3D Dome Stickers, and so forth. Dome names have a completely clear material poured over your structure. Mechanical printing requires precision, neatness, and tender loving care. Our hardware answers a wide assortment of particulars and printing necessities. Our customized dome labels and dome stickers are proven durable and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use which makes us stand out from other manufacturers and best one not only in chennai but India.

Materials that are used to manufacture Dome Stickers

We use different types of material to manufacture dome stickers. In these materials we print your design on it.The material options we are using has been given below

Gloss White - The best choice, high quality glossy white that incorporates a trendy appearance.

Brushed Silver - Metallic Silver with a brushed effect that gives an ethnic look.

Brushed Gold - Metallic Gold with a brushed effect that provides a professional look.

Dome Label

Dome labels are fabricated by using the doming process in which we apply clear resin polyurethane lens on top layer of the label to develop transparent cover that not only protects the label, but makes it more attractive. This process adds an attractive appearance of depth and clarity to the image, giving it a perfect, eye-catching appearance. The doming material can be acquired to a great variety of shapes and sizes. It is applicable for automotive use and outdoor conditions. With firm commitment to customer’s requirements and specifications, as Chennai’s best manufacturers, we provide stickers and labels that are chemical and abrasion-resistant and are made with a non-yellowing compound and stand up to UV exposure. This method is adaptable with screen printing, digital printing and flexographic printing. It adheres well to ABS, PVC, Styrene, Polycarbonate, Polyester, Aluminum and Steel. Bashyam Graphic uses top-of-the-line digital printing and cutting equipment to produce outstanding dome stickers and Dome labels.

Designing Techniques

Polyurethane Doming Resin - Our domed stickers are polished with a scratch-proof polyurethane epoxy resin. It is the plastic coating scratch-proof and protects the sticker from the UV rays. This protection enhances your logo looking stunning and it won’t fade easily, preserving each of your design colors for years preserving their brightness.

Printing - We digitally print products using a high-resolution color technique to stamp all logos, text and background colors into stickers.When printing your design onto any of the pieces, the white sections of your design will become perfect and unique, this will appear through the metallic effect of the materials.

Dome Stickers – Benefits

  • Vibrant color and high-resolution digital printing
  • Metallic material options are available
  • Scratch and shatter-resistant polyurethane resin coating are given
  • Powerful adhesion
  • Resistant to water

What shapes are available in dome stickers?

Our domed stickers are provided in almost every shape based on our customer requirement. From our website, you can select shapes like Rectangle, Square, Oval, Stadium, and Circle. Once you have chosen your shape you will have complete control of the width, height and corner radius to customize it to your requirements.Domed stickers are extremely durable and perfect for heavy-duty sticker application. The dome stickers and labels are waterproof, rust proof and scratch, fade, salt, acid, oil, germ, chemical and UV resistant.

Dome Labels Application

Our dome stickers are self-adhesive type of stickers that can be stitched on the respected fabric that can be used on certain things like shoes, slippers and bags.