Legend Plates


The legend plate is an engraved pilot device label enclosing a button, switch, or pointer. Generally rectangular or circular with one large hole near the center. It provides descriptive words that contain instructions, warnings, or mechanical data for commercial and industrial operations where printed stickers would not last.


Bashyam Graphic is one of the high-quality Legend plate manufacturers in Chennai. Our legend plates are Manufactured to organize control switches and panel lights. Mark system modules and identify machine parts, machines, and their function with aluminum legend plates. We laser cut and engraved legend plates and self-sticker push button stickers from your Sketch. Legend plates are available for 13 mm, 16 mm, 22 mm, and 30 mm pilot devices, Suitable for dangerous location control stations.


Legend plates suitable with 22 mm pilot devices are available in a Large variety of markings to assist most formal operations. Plates for custom drawing are also available.

Large and oversized options

Black and red areas to distinguish

Silver, yellow, black, and red backgrounds

Yellow round Emergency stop legend plates

Can be used with All 22mm pilot devices


Legend plates for 30mm pilot devices like push buttons and switches are available in a Large variety of markings to assist most formal operations. Blank tag plates for custom engraving can also be done.

Rectangular with silver field and silver background or any other colors

Square with black, white, or red colors with backgrounds

Yellow circular Emergency stop legend plates

Can use with All 30mm pilot devices


We can custom-design legend plates for your Operations. We offer legend plates and push-button stickers. In case you need your push button labels or Legend Plates to stand up to Maximum temperatures, solvents, acidic environments, and humidity. Get a free quotation for high-quality legend plate engraving.

Applications of Legend Plates

Engraved legend plates have several operations, They're used as

Nametags for durable and readable marking of machines and control closets.

Specification for lights and Push buttons.

When connected with cable ties they're suitable for marking energy lines.