Nameplates Manufacturer

Bashyam Graphic as a prominent nameplate manufacturer in Chennai , offers you the most amazing nameplates in the industries with the greater quality and it lasts a longer lifetime. Nameplates play a vital role in establishing a company name or any brand promotion and its main function is to provide information for the users related to the product they purchase or it can also be used to stamp the names of people that can be mounted on the walls of homes or offices.

Types of Nameplates

There are various types of materials that can be used in manufacturing nameplates such as aluminium, stainless steel, brass, bronze, etc. You can customize your own design, type, size and shapes regarding your requirements or else our expert will help you to select the design that suits your needs.

1.Aluminium Nameplate

We are specialized in manufacturing and supplying durable aluminium nameplates that are fabricated by our professionals using high grade raw materials and delivered on time. Primarily, aluminium nameplates having a great demand from our clients as it is adaptable to many applications and less expensive, flexible, weatherproof and corrosion resistance. We give you wide range of options like shapes, sizes, barcodes, emboss, serializing, bending and forming.

Features of aluminium nameplate

There are many features which makes aluminium nameplates
high demands in market

  • Brilliant protection from abrasion
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Better adhesion
  • Scratch proof and waterproof
  • Reflectivity and ductility
  • Odourless and impermeable
  • Low density with smooth surface

Applications of aluminium nameplate

Aluminium nameplates are hugely utilized in many fields like

  • Outdoor equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Marine
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial
  • Machinery
  • Constructions
  • Bar codes

2.Stainless Steel Nameplate

One of the most popular stainless steel manufacturer and supplier, we produce versatile and durable ss nameplates using standard raw materials. It is termed as an alloy because stainless steel contains low carbon and chromium. Our overall product range is highly demanded in the today’s market due to its tremendous properties. Our nameplate specialists make sure that the fabricated products possess highest standard that appeals attractive and alluring with the perfect finish.

Features of Stainless Steel nameplate

Important properties of ss nameplate are

  • Light weight
  • Robust construction
  • Durability
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Low maintenance
  • Malleable
  • Abrasion resistant

Applications of Stainless Steel nameplate

There are wide range of applications listed below

  • Homes, Offices
  • Commercial buildings
  • Hotels
  • Machinery
  • Automobiles
  • Chemical plat equipment
  • Wall panels
Fabrication Process in Nameplates

We are implementing certain nameplate fabrication process to enrich the nameplates

1.Embossing process

Firstly, Embossing process utilizes three dimensions for printing unique identification. An embossed pattern is created against the background, while a debossed pattern is merged into the surface of the material. The information on an embossed nameplate will remain coherent for so many years.

2.Multiple Machining Process

We are performing multiple machining processes in which a piece of raw material is cut into a craved final shape and size by a controlled material-removal process. Traditional machining process involves turning, boring, drilling, milling, broaching, sawing, shaping, planning, reaming, and tapping. Machinery tools that used here are lathes, milling machines, drill presses, turret punch presses and sharp cutting tools to discard material to achieve the desired geometry.

3.Etching Process

We carry out special process named as etching applied for products and outdoors. The etching process is the most durable process available here. This method is recommended for products or machines attached to tough locations and harsh outdoor things.

Mounting the Nameplates for an Elegant Appearance

The nameplates build by us will withstand all the environmental and weather conditions, you can select any of the locations to mount them, either it can be indoor or outdoor. It looks even attractive if you attach them with standoffs. For exquisite visibility choose a perfect place to set them and get a lavish visualized effect.

Our Nameplates Used In

We provide you the nameplates that are basically used for both traditional and commercial purposes such as corporate nameplates, permanent safety signs, military desk nameplates, office nameplates, operating instructions, and many other custom nameplates. Besides this, we will design the nameplates using latest technologies and achieve the goal of satisfying our customer. Nameplates can be mounted in vehicles or any physical spaces. Our nameplates are long-lasting and built with the ability to withstand severe climatic and environmental conditions.