Push Button Label


A push Button Label is a Sticker label enclosing a button, switch, or pointer. As an alternative to plastic or metal. Normally rectangular or circular with one large hole near the center. It provides descriptive Information that contains instructions, warnings, or mechanical data for Residential, commercial, and industrial operations. These push buttons are highly used in most light-duty power switches on the market. All push button labels are made of great quality materials Which are durable and provide long service life.


Bashyam Graphic is one of the Leading Manufacturers of Push Button Labels in Chennai. Our Push Button Labels are made to assemble controls and panel lights. Mark system modules and identify machines and their function with stickers. We make self-adhesive push button stickers for your requirement.

B30 Series Raised Profile Push Button Labels:

Raised panel Adhesive Polyester Stickers (B-593) are made for patch panel identification, external push-buttons, and switches.

Can be used as categorization and serial tags using alphanumerics which needs a nameplate quality

Tough adhesive and chemical resistance make them a great replacement for engraved plates.

UL approved


We can custom design push button labels for your requirement. We offer legend plates and push-button stickers. For your push button labels or Legend Plates to stand up to Maximum temperatures, chemicals, acidic environments, and humidity. We make labels of high quality to withstand it. The labels can be manufactured in various colors and sizes.

Standard colors and sizes:

Colors:- green, yellow, red, black, white, etc

Sizes:- 22mm,16mm, 25mm,30mm, etc

We can also make maximum colors and sizes to your requirement.