In the market, there are several different name plate processes. It can be difficult to know which procedure is best for your application if you are unfamiliar with name plates. Every procedure varies slightly and may also be influenced by the metal nameplate's composition. If you're searching to order the best metal nameplates, this short guide will help you get started.


Raised characters that protrude from the material's back are seen on metal embossed nameplates. Our metal name plates are frequently used by the mining industry and provide exceptional legibility even when they are painted over or dirty. The following advantages come with embossing:

Enduring identity for more years

Exposed to outdoors, bad weather, etc.

Name of company, address, and phone number


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Deep impressions of characters and numbers are imprinted into the material of stamped name plates. They do a fantastic job at staying readable in challenging circumstances. Benefits of stamping include the following:

Enduring recognition

Name, logo, address, and phone number of the business

Data that is both serialized and variable


MetalPhoto is anodized aluminum that is photosensitive and utilized when permanent identification is required. Through this special method, a picture is sealed inside the aluminum's anodic layer. In summary, MetalPhoto offers complete customization. Additionally, it manages any text, image, logo, or design. It may also be less expensive than alternative procedures like engraving. The following advantages are offered by MetalPhoto:

Enduring recognition

Resistance to fading, abrasion, and corrosion

Enduring recognition

With a year's outdoor durability rating

Features any picture, pattern, or data

Barcode compatibility enables simple tracking and scanning

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Screen Printing

By applying long-lasting dye to the metal name plate's surface, screen printing embeds information without the need for a stamp or dye. These name plates can be created with full-color designs and have a distinctive appearance. The following advantages come from screen printing:

Completely scalable and in full-color

Name of business, emblem, address, and phone number

Barcodes, Serialization, and Variable Data


Etched nameplates are made by a particular indentation technique that involves utilizing a laser or special chemical to cut into the surface of the metal nameplate. Customize the color of etched nameplates in addition to having the choice of etch and fill. Etching offers the following advantages:

Process of etching and filling for color Name, logo, address, and phone number of the company

Large range of thicknesses and materials

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Name plate manufacturer


A specialized machine is used in engraving to etch the information or pattern onto the metal substance. This is an expensive and time-consuming process. However, because each character is cut separately during engraving, complete personalization is possible. The following advantages come with engraving:

Completely adaptable

Name of business, emblem, address, and phone number

Serialization and Changeable Data


To sum up, there are numerous methods for adding data to nameplates. As a result, each has advantages and disadvantages of its own. While some are more adaptable, others are more robust. Your provider can assist in pointing you in the proper path if you're still unsure of where to start.

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