In today's dynamic commercial environment, companies will utilize many advantages that can be noticed by consumers. Therefore, branding becomes a key component in every company's marketing strategy. Yet, many companies tend to ignore its importance.

The significance of promoting their brand is feasible but it is underestimated by too many business owners. For instance, an identifiable logo or design is a powerful reminder to consumers that one product/service comes from a particular origin. Several marketing techniques go into perfect brand exposure, with the application of dome stickers.

It is most likely you have come across domed labels elsewhere in different environments without being aware of it. However, these small and large logos are incredibly useful, serving as a strong, yet simple brand statement for even the most established brands. As such, let's get into the specific topic of the domelabel's meaning and characteristics, as well as their advantages, and importance to facilitate the growth of your budding business.

What Are Dome Sticker?

The term dome sticker is used for sticker which have transparent dome-shaped polyurethane coatings that allow logos or designs to be visible through them. These sticker are extremely versatile and can be applied on a range of surfaces including baggage, laptops, large machinery, home appliances, and motorbikes, among others.

Dome stickers are available in different forms, including squares, rectangles, circles, ovals, and custom configurations, domed labels are a permanent feature once fixed on a product.

Dome Stickers

Components of Dome Stickers:

Dome stickers are composed of several components carefully put together for long-term use. While design specifications may vary. Typical dome labels include:

The dome- Typically made of resilient polyurethane material, it gives the label its characteristic and three-dimensional look.

The substrate: Underneath the dome sticker is the substrate where the company logo or design is printed with either digital or silk screen printing methods. The logo may be directly engraved on the polyurethane dome by laser die cutting, by taking advantage of cutting-edge technology. Substrates are made from different materials such as polypropylene, polystyrene, polyester, polycarbonate, vinyl, or metal.

The adhesive: Supporting a permanent surface attachment, the high-quality adhesive is important for the durability of domed labels. These labels should be compliant with respective safety regulations.

Benefits of Domed Stickers:

Well, what is special about domed labels? Here are four primary reasons to consider their use:

Cost-Effective Branding How does a company get global recognition? How do they become popular with consumers across the country overnight? There are several ways of doing this, these are a few methods to do this, and they are most likely to occur at a high financial cost.
For illustration, a nationwide advertising campaign usually comes at a very high cost, which might be out of reach of many enterprises, especially the fresh ones attempting to create their brand. Still, by sticking small domed labels on their products, enterprises can guarantee that clients, notice their distinctive logo each time they come into contact with the product.
Any marketing expert will tell you that repetition is the golden rule of establishing brand awareness. Moreover, now it is easy to put an Internet URL on the label making them able to access the company’s official website.

Design Versatility:

We have noted that the domed labels are not one-size approach-fits-all; instead, they present high levels of customizability. This allows different logos and design objects to be accommodated without distortion. In other words, if a company has a long name, it can choose an oval label shape to conveniently print the words. This feature is especially valuable for products that have rough surfaces which ordinary labels might face a problem with.
A reliable label like Bashyam Graphics, furthermore provides a range of fonts and colours for your comfort along with precise prototypes to offer a clear view of the final output.

Appealing Appearance:
Although domed labels are affordably priced, they are far from "cheap." Their three-dimensional appearance is visually pleasing and implies quality by being sturdily built.

Longevity: Dome labels are built for long-lasting, but the difference between temporary packaging and dome labels is that they are made for long use both indoors and outdoors.

Domed labels typically boast the following features:

Domed labels typically boast the following features:It is the amount saved out of one dollar spent.
UV Resistance: The problem with traditional labels is that they can wear out and lose legibility after being exposed to sunlight for a long time, especially in the case of products that require outdoor use such as cars, etc.,. Fortunately, domed labels are usually designed to resist fading and discoloration under the influence of sunlight.

Scratch Resistance: High-quality domed seals are non-permanently marked when they come in contact with materials that would normally leave scratches.

Chemical Resistance: Domed labels can stand up to exposure to a variety of corrosive substances without peeling or fading.

Impact Resistance: Dome labels are not indestructible, unbreakable, or bend invariably from usual wear and tear.

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